Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Things Happen

I think things usually happen for a reason.  Not always, but in general.  A couple of weeks ago, my husband came into my sewing room and said "You won't believe what I just found in the flower bed."  I followed him out of the room and he proudly displayed his discovery.

Oh boy.  This brings up a lot of questions.  Did one of my quilty friends put it there as a joke?  Did it blow in on the Kansas wind from someone's leftover Halloween decorations?  And why does it say Pieces?  And why MY flower bed of all places?  Not the neighbors, not the house around the block.  Mine.
Did it happen for a reason?
Maybe I am supposed to keep it in my sewing room.  Somewhere near my longarm machine. 
Maybe it is supposed to be near a stack of precuts.
Does it belong on my cutting table?
For now, it sits on a cute little shelf in the room.  I really should just throw it away.  Your sewing room can get so messy with little effort.  Yep.  That is what I should do.  Just put it in the trash.  But....what if it really did end up at my house for a reason?