Sunday, April 1, 2012

Being Grandma

I thought a good way to start out today's blog is to post a picture of Simon and I taken while we were in DC recently.  The weather was wonderful so Greg and I took Simon on a little tour of the neighborhood.

Life has been totally wild recently.  Between "being grandma" for two weeks, traveling to meetings, and keeping up with the quilts, I have been hopping!  Oh, and then there is March Madness.  It has been total madness for the Kansas Jayhawks (my team).  They are playing for the championship on Monday night.  That is a total surprise for the fans.

I've got some fun quilts to show you.

Is this totally fun?  There is something about the color combinations in this quilt that I love.  We've used this pattern before and I always like the way it turns out.  The quilting really adds to the finished quilt.

What do you see?  I see a fun, colorful quilt that someone is going to really enjoy!

This is a panel that Deb added borders to.  Sandy took it and added some fun race car fabric that fits the theme of this quilt perfectly.  She also added detailed quilting.

This quilt was donated to us by our local quilt guild.  I don't know who made it, but it is just so cute!  I love sailboats so I was delighted to find this quilt in those given to us by the guild.  The quilted "waves" is just perfect for this quilt.  A big thank you to whoever made this for us.

We have made and donated many, many quilts. We do get thank you notes from time to time but very seldom do we have a connection to who received a quilt.  Recently some good friends had their youngest child in the hospital.  Caroline was quite ill for a number of days.  I was quite delighted when I found out Caroline had received the quilt above.  Judith had pieced this one and Karen had added the bright backing and quilting.  I was so proud that we had a hand in making the days in the hospital better for Caroline and her mom and dad.  Although we know we make a difference, this was a definite confirmation.

Okay, one last picture of Simon!  I promise, it won't be the last.  The quilt in the background?  I made it for me, Joel liked it, and it went home with him.  Simon loves to look at it and he actually coos at it as if they are friends.  It is too cute.

Come back for more fun quilts!