Sunday, December 29, 2013

Some Christmas Cheer

Did anyone else think Christmas came and went quickly?  It seems like I just finished putting up the decorations.  Now it is time to take them down!  Normally I leave mine up until New Year's Day.  This year I plan to go ahead and put them away early.  Time to start the new year fresh and in my sewing room!

Earlier this month I delivered seventeen Christmas themed quilts to the hospital.  Christmas is a terrible time to have to be in the hospital so hopefully our quilts brought a little bit of cheer.  Let's look at some.

Most if not all of these quilts started in Judith's basement.  Last year I gave her most of the holiday fabrics we have in the stash.  She cut kits and we passed them out to the piecers.  These were the results of Judith's imagination.  I think they turned out quite well.  I'll share more of them soon.  And yes, I am still sending holiday fabric to Judith.  In order to have these ready for the holidays we have to work ahead of the season.  Yes, just like Santa's elves!

There are lots of things I intended to do for the Christmas holiday.  I didn't get a lot of them done.  My plan is to start earlier in 2014.  Have you heard that before?  We did get to have all of our kids home with us.  And of course that means Simon!

Thanks for taking the time to check in with us.  As always, we put a piece of ourselves in every quilt.