Sunday, January 8, 2012

Home Again

I am back home after spending ten days in Washington, D.C. with Joel and Cara and little Simon.  I enjoyed every minute with them.  It is now time for them to get on with being a family of three and time for me to get back to the quilts.  A big thank you to everyone who helped out in my absence.  You know who you are!

We are now into 2012.  We have finished a year and one half of  PIECES.  In 2010 we donated 75 quilts to the Lawrence Memorial Pediatric Unit.  Each child admitted received a quilt and no two quilts were alike.  2011 came and we reached our goal once again of each child receiving a unique quilt.  174 quilts were donated.  That makes a grand total of 249 quilts.  Quite impressive I would say!!!  We have already started on 2012 with our goal remaining the same--each child receiving a quilt to comfort them and to take home with them.  I feel confident with the ladies that are involved in this group we will have no trouble attaining that goal.  The best thing we could have happen is to have extra quilts that no one needs because that means fewer kids are sick.  Lets all hope for that!

We have quilts to catch up on!!

This bright quilt was made and quilted by Kathy.

The kids love the bright colors.

This Little Engine That Could quilt was made by Judith.

Karen added the fun backing and quilting.

Teresa pieced this quilt top with soft colors.  The pattern is actually one that Deb came up with for us and we have used it multiple times.

Shannon finished the quilt with the perfect backing and the perfect quilting.

Judith pieced this antique looking top.  Notice the blocks of people on each side.  Judith actually pieced those by hand.  Ambitious, isn't she!! 

Karen added the backing and quilting.
This great quilt uses a lot of scraps.  You know how I love using those scraps!!

Okay, okay.  You knew I couldn't end this without a picture of Simon, right?  Simon will probably be popping into the blog from time to time.  I just can't help myself!

Here this gorgeous baby is.  He's even laying on a bib that Grandma made for him to use!  Thanks for letting me share the quilts and Simon!