Sunday, January 27, 2013


Earlier this week Greg and I traveled to Middleton, Wisconsin.  A lot of people questioned my sanity in agreeing to go to a northern state in the middle of the winter.  Wednesday morning we awoke to about an inch of snow and snow flurries all day.  Our flight wasn't until five p.m. so we had part of the day to drive and see a few things.  Of course, being the quilt shop lover that I am, we found a quilt store just a few miles from our hotel.  Greg took me and it was a treat!  Here's a picture of the quilt shop.

The shop is in a gorgeous building in a small town.  It sits along side the railroad tracks just down a bit from the historic train depot.  The inside of the shop is wonderful.  It has wooden floors, quilts everywhere, a wide range of fabrics and patterns and last, but not least, a sale room.  What else could you want?  I can home with a little sack of goodies.  If you are in the Madison area, I highly recommend finding this shop.

I finally did it.  After giving it a lot of thought, I decided to go for it.  I decided I had been working hard on the quilts and I deserved a treat.  Not only did I get one but I got a second one too.  Yes..a new ironing board cover!!!  Is there anything better?  Well...yes, but not at that price.  Now that I "splurged" and bought one with one for a backup, I have run across several tutorials for making your own.  Apparently, the advantage to that may be that you can throw the one you make into the washer and always have a clean cover.  I am considering that too.

Here's some quilts for you.

This is a disappearing 9 patch that Deb pieced.  With fish and frogs some little boy is going to love it.

Lois pieced these snowmen and embroidered the faces and buttons.  A bright backing gives it a fun punch of color.

Here is a fun cowboy quilt.  I have no idea why I don't have a picture of the backing!

Deb pieced this cutie with giraffe fabric.  I don't have a picture of the backing for the same reason as the last quilt!!

Amy pieced this flannel quilt with pirates.  I mentioned last time that Amy is a piecer that has recently starting helping us.  I also told you she is from Wichita.  That would be wrong!  She is actually from Olathe, KS.  Sorry for the confusion, Amy.

Judith cut this kit, and Teresa sewed it.  Sandy added the gorgeous backing and quilting.

Sandy artfully pieced the back of this cute quilt.  She also quilted it for us.

Lois pieced this simple but great quilt.  With equipment on the front, the perfect backing has wheels and road signs.  Jean quilted this for us.

Shelly pieced this flannel top.  It is so soft and cuddly.  Any little girl who likes pink and purple is going to be excited to receive it.

Judith put this kit together, Teresa sewed it and Sandy quilted it.  Sandy took some fun Winnie the Pooh fabric and inserted an orphan block on the back.  Great job, ladies!

In case you were wondering, yes, it was cold in Wisconsin.  Lake Michigan had lots of ice!

And finally, Joel and Cara have purchased a home and will be moving soon.  Simon is more than happy to help pack the boxes.

See you next time!!