Friday, January 27, 2012

A Trip to the Navy Pier

I thought I would start this post off with a picture of Chicago.  Greg snapped this picture of me on the Navy Pier on Lake Michigan.  It was cold but still fun to be on the pier.

We had a wonderful time in Chicago and we're hoping to be able to return when the weather is warm!

I have a few quilts for you.

This is a bright and fun quilt that Kathy pieced and quilted for us.  (The best part is that it has a lot of yellow in it!)

The back repeats the yellow and shows off the great quilting.

The picture of this quilt does not do it justice.  It is one of my favorites.  The stars are random ones my sister and I had made out of scraps.  We put those together and added some leftover four patch blocks.  Susan put it all together to make a totally scrappy top look gorgeous.  It is so gratifying to use up odds and ends and have it look so good.

Sandy pieced the backing for a fun look and quilted this with beautiful feathers.  I would be thrilled to get this quilt if I were in the hospital!

This is one wild quilt!! Teresa pieced this rail fence pattern in bright purples and a black print.  It makes a graphic quilt that will be very popular.

Shannon added this fun green with black dots for the backing and her quilting is the perfect touch as always.

As you know, our grandson, Simon, arrived a month early.  I had been asked how many quilts I had ready for him when he arrived.  I had none.  I had plenty of time and I frankly had been having a difficult time deciding exactly what would be the perfect quilt for this baby.  When he arrived early, I had to quickly come up with something.  I simply could not arrive without a quilt in hand!

This is the quilt I came up with on short notice.  It has delightful dragons with red spines on their backs.  The flying geese blocks mimic those red spines.

Here's a closer view of the dragons.  It was fun to put together.  Is it the perfect quilt for Simon?  No.  Is it the only one I'll make for him?  Of course not!  I have it on good authority that every grandchild should own more than one or two quilts!

Thanks for looking at our quilts.  We hope we have more quilts than what we need.  That would mean fewer sick kids.  That would be a very good thing.