Friday, August 29, 2014

End of August

It is the end of August and it is hot.  The grass and flowers want some rain and did I mention it is hot?  The only thing to do is go to your sewing room and make quilts!  Let's look at some of the latest.

Noah's Ark Animals!

Red, White, and Blue is always a great choice for an older boy.

Another brightly colored Disappearing 9-patch.

OOH!  Soft pastels and gorgeous yellow.  Yummy!!!

Cats, Fish, and Pinwheels!

I am so proud of the quilts that we give to the kids.  They are so fun to look at, the quilting and fabric is so pretty, and since we wash them before taking them to the hospital, they are soft and great to snuggle with.  Everyone involved truly puts a piece of themselves in every quilt.  

Simon went to the Outer Banks of North Carolina recently.  He loves the beach.  He is growing into a little boy too quickly.

Did I mention it is hot?