Friday, January 4, 2013

2012 Totals

Time is really flying by!  We've made it through the holidays and into 2013.  That means it is time to look at last year's numbers.  We donated 193 quilts to Lawrence Memorial Hospital in 2012.  Our total number donated since our beginning is now 443 quilts!  We are narrowing in on 500!  I don't know about you, but I find it amazing!  A huge thank you to all who helped in any way with this project of love.  My little idea has grown into a big deal!

Speaking of a big deal, I ran into a woman today in the elevator at the hospital as I was on my way to deliver more quilts.  When she saw the quilts in my arms, she exclaimed, "My daughter got one of those when she was three months old.  She still carries it everywhere and won't let her brothers touch it!"  She said it was very special to them and she went on to say it was a very big deal to get one.  

Let's take a look at some of the things we have been working on for the kids.

This is a quilt that was pieced by Judith.  She likes to use a lot of little squares of fabric in a variety of prints.  In other words, she has a lot of patience.  Jean, who is one of our newer quilters did the quilting for us.

I love this pattern.  Judith pieced it and again, it uses a lot of scraps.  Jean quilted it also.  This is fun in all sorts of fabrics.

This was a kit cut by Judith, pieced by Teresa and quilted by Jean.  Since it is snowmen, it is a quilt that will work all winter.

Yes!!  We have been making something besides Christmas themed quilts!  This is the familiar disappearing nine patch pattern.  The peaches, greens and blues look great together.

This is a darling quilt using a pattern we discovered in a magazine.  It is easy to sew and always turns out so cute!

This quilt, which is great for a little boy, was pieced by Lois.  We stayed with the sports theme for the backing.

As you all know, anything with yellow in it tugs at my heart.  This was a quilt donated by someone in our local quilt guild.  A big thank you to whoever pieced and quilted it.

There was a time that I really didn't like these types of prints.  Our tastes, however, change from time to time.  I think this is gorgeous.  I would even say I like these prints now.  This was pieced and quilted also by someone in the guild.  Thank you!

There are eight quilts for you this time.  I hope you liked them.  They all are wonderful in their own way and someone out there loves them!  I'll be back soon with more great stuff to look at!

Here is Simon with Mommy and Daddy.  We celebrated his first birthday while they were with us for the holidays.  I think he liked the cake!