Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Lions, Monkeys and Tea Parties

This past week found Greg and I visiting Joel, Cara, and Simon.  We had a wonderful time with the three of them.  Simon has changed so much just since Christmas.  He loves to count, knows the letters of the alphabet, and can use an ipad quicker and better than either of us.  He found lots of surprises in the suitcases and was excited by all of them.  One of the surprises was a tea set.  Sounds like a girly present, but guys have to have tea parties too!  Mimi got the yellow cup.  Hooray!!

I spent the days having fun with Simon and the evenings working on the hexies.  They continue to grow.

Here's what we have been working on.

Yellows, blues, and grays!

Kittens and Mice!

Those are some great quilts!  It never fails to amaze me what we can do with scraps of fabric that someone generously gives us.  Most of the time they are pieces that are left over from someone's project and they just want to pass them on to someone who can use them.  We love them!  You can see what they can become!

I've had several requests for more pictures of Simon.  It will be hard, but I will do my best to show you more pictures!   Ok, it won't be that hard!

A couple of weeks ago, Simon's head came into contact with a chair.  The chair won and Simon had to get 8 stitches.  It wasn't very much fun, but Oreos and watching a video on mom's phone helped.  

See you next time!