Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Creativity and neatness are not always compatible.  Have you noticed how things can be all in their place and your sewing room nice and neat?  You go in to work on a project, get sidetracked by an idea, and before you know it your sewing room is a mess. The project you are working on is here, some scraps you want to trim over there, the beginnings of a disappearing 9 patch right under your feet.  Yes, creativity is flowing!  One of the problems I run into is that although I am constantly trying to use up our scraps for the quilts, I am creating more scraps all the time.  Add that to the fact that I have many more ideas than I do time and I have stacks of ideas everywhere!  My sister seems to have the same problem. We've discussed possible solutions and decided the only thing to do is to sew our way out of it.  We both are optomistic.   If only we have more time to sew and less cooking and cleaning to do, we can complete all of our "ideas" and just "sew our way out of the mess!"

Maybe we should just go ahead and look at some quilts.  At least we are getting some things done!


This is a fun quilt!  It is a disappearing 9 patch--fun to cut and fun to sew.  With patches of ducks, stars, and the alphabet among others,  it shows off some great color.

Sandy added a red with white stars backing and some fun quilting.

Kathy pieced this quilt for us.  It is our basic four patch with focus squares.

This close up shows the focus fabric is soccer players.  The black and white four patches mimic the look of the soccer balls.

This backing is great with soccer balls and sports figures.  Kathy also quilted this one.


Shelly's Mom, Lois, pieced this quilt  It has a great flannel football fabric.

I had bought several yards of this rust fabric to use as a backing for a quilt I had made for myself.  It turned out to be not what I wanted.  As I was looking for something to use on this quilt, I ran across the rust fabric.  It turned out to be just the right choice for the footballs!

Sandy pieced this very traditional looking quilt.  It has an old fashioned scrappy feel.

Sandy added a soft floral backing and great quilting to add to the old fashioned feeling.

Judith took a stack of fat quarters that had been donated to us.  This darling St. Patrick's Day quilt is the result.

The backing gives it a fun and whimsical feeling.  I would not have guessed this quilt would turn out so cute!

I hope you enjoyed the quilts today.  I am off to Virginia tomorrow for a quick trip.  The weekend will find me trying to sew my way out!!!