Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Unique Quilts

Wherever you are when you read this, I hope you are having warm, sunny weather.  It is anything but that here in Kansas.  We've have cold temperatures, high winds and blowing snow during the last week.  Today is cold and freezing drizzle.  It's days like this that are perfect for sewing.  If I'm not sewing, curling up with a book and a quilt is perfect.  Pulling a quilt close around you makes everything better!  I've got some great quilts that we delivered to the hospital recently to show you.  I hope you enjoy looking.

The first quilt is just the sweetest thing.  It is a black floral print with pink and green accents.  Just the perfect quilt for the "girly-girl".

The back of the quilt is a very soft pink flower on a white background.  Our quilter used a dogwood design to quilt this one.  It turned out beautiful!

Blue, Yellow and Green. Does it get any better than that?  The blocks in this quilt twist and turn bringing lots of movement to the quilt.  The blue is actually a pin dot with pink, yellow, and white dots.  What fun!

The backing used for the quilt is the same blue pindot.  You can never get too much of a good thing!

This quilt I call "Marbles" because the border and focus fabric are marbles!  The picture just doesn't do this quilt justice.  It is bright and fun.  Some little boy is going to love picking this one.

The back of "Marbles" is a bright blue that matches the inner border on the front.

 The last quilt for today is a pattern you have seen before.  However, the fabrics are ones you haven''t seen.  The green print is actually fish with the blue and yellow complimenting it.  Once again, you can't beat green, blue, and yellow.

The back of the quilt is a very pretty blue and white strip. It's the perfect backing for this quilt.  Our quilters seem to always have the gift of choosing the right backing.

From the very beginning of this project we made the decision to make our quilts different.  It would have been easy to use the same pattern for all of them.  While that might have been the quickest way for us to do this, we want to make each child their own quilt, not a copy of the one we gave the last child. For that reason we use lots of different ideas and fabrics.  Each child is unique and so is the quilt they receive.