Sunday, August 5, 2012

Travel for Business and Pleasure

The last couple of weeks have been spent traveling for business and pleasure.  Greg and I spent four days in Arizona.  Arizona in the summer you ask?  Yes, and it was cooler there than it was here.  Yikes!!  We had the chance to spend a day in Sedona which is absolutely beautiful.

And surprise!!  Look what we just happened to find while looking at the beautiful scenery.

You just never know what you are going to run across when sightseeing.  Time to stop to stretch our legs!!

Here's some great quilts for you.

I love this quilt.  Judith took a variety of scraps that were all florals.  She cut a kit, I passed it on to Teresa who pieced it and it ended up with Shannon who quilted it.  It is just so soft and peaceful.

Susan took lots of red scraps and added some white fabric.  She came up with this graphic top.  I added the dotted fabric which I found in my fabric closet. for the border  It just screamed to be added to the top.  Nan continued the dot theme with a great black and white backing and wonderful quilting.

This was a panel that Deb cut apart, added the orange sashing and the green border.  Nan added the perfect backing and the quilting.

This charmer was a kit I put together and Paula sewed it.  Shannon put a blinding orange backing on it and her always great quilting.  The backing  couldn't be any better!

You can never have too many cowboy quilts.  Judith cut this kit and Teresa sewed it.  Shannon added the blue backing and the quilting.

This is a product of my never ending mission to use up scraps.  I hunted for pastel strips that were two and one half inches wide.  I made rail fence blocks and pieced them together.  I think it turned out darling.  I love the soft pastels.

The week after Arizona found Greg and me in Indiana.  From there we traveled to Washington, DC to visit Simon and his parents, Joel and Cara.  We had a fun visit but it was time to come home all too soon.  

These six quilts are lots of fun but I have more awesome quilts to show you soon.  Thanks as always for looking.