Friday, May 27, 2011

Lots of Information

We have lots of information to catch up on!  I kept meaning to blog the last week or so, but I seemed to always find something--always in my sewing room--to do instead.  So here goes.....
One of my errands today was to deliver quilts to the hospital.  I took 15 quilts to them and I also took my husband, Greg, to help me carry them in.  Tomorrow is our one year anniversary!!  We have now donated 95 quilts this year.  Add that to last year's 75 and that gives us a total of 170 quilts.  Isn't that awesome?  Congratulations to all those who have contributed.  You have made a difference.

If you are thinking what you did to help wasn't that big of a deal, just ask Heidi and Ben Nelson.  Their son, Finn, received a quilt.  Heidi said "Thank you so much for doing something so special for him during a frightening experience.  Thankfully Finn is all better now and the quilt is on his bed at home.  We are so appreciative of your kindness.  Please know that it will not be forgotten."

Anne and Mark Emert think it is a big deal.  Sam, their 3 month old, had a respiratory infection.    Anne said the quilt provided them so much comfort during such a difficult time.  They appreciated the support and care we provided.

I received a very touching note from Rebecca.  Her 6 year old daughter, Carlee, was hospitalized.  The nurses brought in a "beautiful quilt and Carlee ooohed and aaawed at the butterflies and designs she thought were snails".  Rebecca said, "Your beautiful handiwork will be taken care of with great care and tenderness as we will be taking it with Carlee to Children's Mercy later for she is to have heart surgery.  Thank you for a gift of unconditional love and bless you for your kindness."

I had never considered what we do in those terms, but Rebecca was right.  I guess what we are giving is not only a quilt, but also unconditional love.  I can't think of anything better we could give.

What's a day without a yellow quilt?

Look at the gorgeous quilting!

Dr. Suess on the loose!!

A great red stripe backing with red, black and white dots for the binding.

Turquoise print with race cars.  Perfect for a little guyl  Of course  I love the binding--it's yellow.

What makes this quilt great is that it is made with some leftover blocks from another quilt. Sandy added some "string pieced blocks" and came up with a winner.

When she finished pieced the top, she did a beautiful job quilting it.

Her backing has different colored trains with a track running around them.

Have you ever started a project and then at some point lost interest before it was finished? Haven't we all?  This is one project none of us have lost interest in. And we are far from finished.  Making a difference and giving unconditional love is something you don't lose interest in and you certainly never finish.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone.  Please remember all those who have sacrificed for us this Memorial Weekend.