Sunday, October 27, 2013

One Hundredth and One Post

After I lasted posted I noticed it was my 100th post.  That made me stop and think about how many quilts I have shown you.  I ended up going back and looking at a number of the quilts I posted.  As I looked at them, I found myself thinking about each one, where the fabric came from, who sewed or quilted it and how much I like each one of them.  It also makes me want to sew and cut and press more fabric.

As of today, we have delivered 614 quilts..  YES!!! We are over the 600 mark and on the way to 700.

On to some quilts.  Let's start with Halloween

This quilt started out with Judith cutting it.  After it was pieced, Sandy took it and as you can see from the close-up in the second picture, she went absolutely nuts quilting it.  The back of the quilt is almost as fun as the front!

This cutie started out on Judith's cutting table too.  Judith tends to do a lot of our holiday quilts.  Sandy also quilted it in a great overall pattern.  I think she needed to calm down after that last quilt!

Yep.  Halloween #3 was cut and pieced by Judith.  

Vicky quilted what I shall call Halloween #4.  Aren't the ghosts on the back cute?

Vicky also quilted Halloween #5.  

In checking with Tracy at the hospital, the Halloween quilts are quite popular.  In fact they have given all of those away in just a couple of days.  Next year we may have to increase our numbers of Halloween quilts.

Now let's check out some other quilts just for fun.

I'm afraid as we make more and more quilts I don't always remember who pieced them.  If I don't credit someone, that means I think I know who pieced it, but hate to say in case I am wrong.  And yes, I am not sure who pieced this one.  Sandy quilted it for us and a little guy is going to love the puppy dogs.

Schoolhouses was pieced by Lois.  I love the alphabet sashing she used along with the alphabet on the backing.  Shannon quilted this one.

Little dragons are the focus on this quilt pieced by Teresa.  I think the backing is fun.

I've got more great quilts, but I'll save them until next time.

It's time for you to get your favorite quilt ready to snuggle under.  Cold weather is just around the corner.