Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pushing Buttons

There are lots of ways to design a blog.  There are colors to chose, layouts to decide, things to add.  Those of you who know me, know that I like to try new things.  This morning (when I should be doing other things), I decide to take time to blog.  Rather than simply adding a new post, I started pushing buttons.  Well, hopefully, I have gotten the blog back to how it looked before but I did add one new thing.  If you look to the right, notice the addition on top of my picture.  There is a space you can subscribe to the blog by email.  Now you don't have to look every day to see when there is a new post.  You can just have me show up in you inbox!

We have some new quilters that are now helping us.  Jenean is a delightful lady who pieced us some tops and left them at one of our local quilt shops for me.  A big thank you, Jenean!  I also was contacted by Deb who contributed some quilts that her quilt guild made. That is very exciting for us.  We are very grateful for all the contributions with the flu season right around the corner.  When the season hits us, we are sewing and quilting as fast as we can.  This will help us tremendously.

This is a quilt from the guild. Pinks and greens with Winnie the Pooh is a great combination for a little girl.

I love the pastel plaid on the backing.

Susan made this one.  It has great leftover squares from other projects.  She added fun sashing to give it a totally different look.

This bright backing is actually puzzle pieces that link together.

This fun quilt is also from the guild.  It can work for a boy or girl which is always a bonus for us.  I haven't used this layout for a quilt before and will certainly try it.

You can't see in the pictures but the quilter quilted words into the quilt.  I added our label and this one was a quick finish!

I am very excited with the way this quilt turned out.  It was actually one I put together some time ago for myself.  I had intended to add borders and finish it.   Recently I made the decision it was one I didn't really need to keep and instead could use it for a teenager perhaps.  Shannon took it and quilted it.

Shannon added the burgundy backing with gold thread and I think the quilting is gorgeous.  I almost had second thoughts about keeping it!

This last quilt is also from the guild.  What a fun quilt with great blocks.

Obviously the guild has some very talented members.

Balloon animals!!  I love it!

Thanks to all the quilters who contributed to these great quilts.  And thank you for looking!  As always, I love getting your comments.  Feel free to leave me one!

Tomorrow brings Greg and I traveling to New Jersey for a couple of days.  I am itching to get into the quilt room so I can play with fabric before I go. 

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