Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fabric Travels

One of the interesting things about our project is seeing where our fabrics have come from.  When we started, we literally had next to no supplies.  As we mentioned to our friends what we were doing, we started having people say, "I have some scraps you can have."  From there it has blossomed.  We have gotten anything from small scraps to lots of yardage.  Sometimes it is a challenge to put together fabrics that coordinate.  Other times they seem to fall out of my closet together.  We have gotten fabrics as close as our own closets to states across the nation.  Some of the first came from Washington, D.C.  Some came from Oregon, Arizona, and Michigan.  And of course friends in Kansas have given us what they can.  Fabric has come from friends, friends of friends, and total strangers.  One person donated thread.  Several people have left fabric and batting with my hairdresser. You never know what we will get next and where it may come from!

Hopefully everyone had a nice and relaxing holiday weekend.  The change to fall weather will bring an increase in children becoming ill.  We are gearing up and trying to finish as many quilts as we can.  The increase will result in the quilts being given out quickly so we need to try to stay ahead and have quilts ready to go.

Here's a block that I have been playing with.  It is a very simple and quick block, but I think it can be very effective in different color options.  The hospital keeps telling us the brighter the quilts the better, but we just can't help making some soft and sweet ones too.

There are lots of possiblities  to work with on this block.

This is a great flannel quilt that my sister put together using leftover blocks from a quilt she made for her family.  It was fast and easy--great for an older boy.

This quilt is a favorite of mine--bright but still easy to look at.

Sometimes the back of the quilt can be as much fun as the front.

I hope you enjoyed this sampling of blocks and more quilts from our stash.