Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Heat Is On!!

It's summer in Kansas.  That means heat and this year is hotter than usual.  That means one thing for me--staying inside.  The heat makes my MS decide to remind me it is around.  Fortunately, my husband is great about running errands for me or cooling off the car before I get in. The best remedy, however, is to just stay in the house and sew.  Okay, I like that remedy for everything.

For those of you who don't know me well, in addition to sewing the kids' quilts, I also sew shop models for Quilters Quarters in Leavenworth, Kansas.  I love doing that because I get to use fabric that I didn't purchase and it satisfies my need to "Do it and have it all".  I made a run this morning to Leavenworth with a model I had finished.  I love heading into the store.  Everyone is always excited to see what I finished and give me the next project. Of course while I am there, I get to do a little shopping and laugh with the shop girls--not to mention Angie who was referred to by a customer as "that cutter girl".  They are all fun and great gals to be around.  Just spending a little time there motivates me and I can't wait to get home to cut and stitch!  It was definitely worth getting out in the heat!

It's quilt time!!!

Does this remind anyone of the 70's???  This "mod" fabric made great windmill blocks.  But wait.....

The backing is almost as wild as the front!

This orange and yellow charmer is made from blocks that are so fun to do.  They are easy and can be turned many different ways to change the look of the quilt entirely.

The backing is green with a leaf pattern and goes well with the green in the gorgeous border. This is a great quilt for a teenager.

This picture is a little fuzzy, but the quilt was too good not to let you get a look.  Sandy put it together with scraps and orphan blocks.  What a wonderful job. 

The backing adds to the brightness in the quilt.

Here we have Yoga Cats.  We've used this before, but this time we added a hot pink inner border to make it pop!

The purple and teal backing was the perfect choice for these cats!

Judith had the idea to take various squares and add some red strips.  It gives a fun and unexpected look to this quilt.

And in the spirit of being scrappy, we put together leftover bits of binding with polka dots on it to complete the quilt.  (I told you we use everything!)

This bright and fun pinwheel quilt is just the shot of color someone will love.  Kathy did a great job of putting it all together.

The turquoise bubbles on the back make a perfect combination for this happy quilt.

And speaking of happy, I hope seeing the quilts today makes you happy.  I know they make me smile!