Saturday, October 13, 2012

Simon Says

Simon says...

Wait till you see the quilts Mimi has to show you today!

This quilt is yummy!  Sandy pieced it with a new technique.  You randomly sew scraps together to make a slab of fabric.  It uses up scraps which is awesome, but it is also unique.  You just can't duplicate it!  Sandy also quilted it using modern quilting designs.  

Here's another Halloween quilt that Judith cut.  She passed it on to Teresa to sew.  Sandy quilted it and although you can't really see it in the picture, she added Halloween themed quilting with pumpkins and the words "Happy Halloween".

Sports is the theme here.  Sashed blocks using sports fabric works great for a boy of any age.

This is a cute little quilt for a little guy.  It has dogs, dog bones, and paw prints.  Nan quilted it for us.

Red, white and blue is a timeless combination for a quilt.

This was a disappearing nine patch kit that I cut.  I was excited to see how the color combination was going to work so I started sewing it.  My sister came to visit and as is often the case, we trade projects back and forth.  She ended up taking it to finish it--my curiosity had been satisfied.  We then passed it on to Sandy who added great quilting.

These are the quilts I have for you today and.....

Simon says....

I just love looking at Mimi's quilts!