Saturday, February 8, 2014

Winter in Kansas

It is definitely winter in Kansas.  If you live here, you know what to expect--the unexpected.  We can be 60 degrees one day and below freezing the next with blowing snow.  Guess which it was this week.  Yep, blowing snow.  I had fourteen inches at my house.  What do you do when you have fourteen inches?  Well, you look out the window a lot but there is really only two things you can do.  You have to make soup and sew away the day!  Curling up with a quilt and a good book will work in a pinch.

The ladies in our little group are doing awesome things.  We need to catch up on looking at some quilts!

Whew!  That was a lot of quilts!!  Lots of times I mention who pieced or quilted each quilt.  In truth, lots of people are involved in each quilt.  From assembling a kit, to sewing, to quilting, to binding and to adding a label, there are lots of steps to completing these quilts.  Everyone likes to do a particular part of the quilt and that is what makes it fun.  There's something very easy about just doing the part you like.  Can you tell I'm really into that idea?  I do want to mention that a lot of our bindings are sewn by Beth.  She is one of the original few that jumped in on this project from the beginning.  Thanks for all the hand sewing, Beth!

What's your favorite part of making a quilt?
Thanks for looking!