Friday, October 5, 2012

Halloween is Coming!

I got a very sweet thank you card in the mail yesterday.  Georgia and her son James sent a note thanking us for the beautiful quilt he received while he was a patient in the hospital.  She says he uses it every night.  I love hearing from a family that takes home one of our quilts.  It makes me wonder which quilt he received.  And I always hope what the illness was is long gone.

I was supposed to be getting things done around the house today.  Greg and I are traveling tomorrow to Connecticut for a few days.  There was laundry to do, packing and general picking up around the house.  Did I do it?  Well....the last load of laundry is in the dryer.  The suitcases are sitting out but nothing is in them.  I did put away the clean clothes and I have in my mind what to pack.  But the answer is no.   I didn't get them done as planned.  Instead I sewed.  I always intend to get ready and then sew, but something comes over me and I end up sewing while I try to get ready.  It really doesn't work very well, but I have a great time!  And in my defense I took time out to take six Halloween quilts to the hospital today.  The holiday will soon be here!  Enough about my lack of progress today.  Here are some awesome quilts!!

First of all, I apologize that the picture of this quilt is not as sharp as it could be.  The quilt is absolutely darling.  Judith took scraps of Halloween fabric and somehow made it all work.  She cut the kit, Teresa sewed it and Shannon quilted it.

I love this quilt!  I usually am not drawn to scrappy quilts but there is something about this one that warms my heart.  I had lots of triangles that I pieced together.  I started sewing them together.  Deb took over and pieced the top.  Be sure to notice the sashing fabric.  It looks like chicken wire!  Sandy added the backing and quilting.  I think it turned out so sweet!  And it used up a lot of scraps that some people throw away!

I admit I am responsible for this girl quilt.  I cut the kit for this disappearing nine patch.  It is shades of blues and purples with some neutrals thrown in.  The color combination is very soft .  Nan added the backing and quilting.  

Kathy sewed and quilted this quilt that will be great for a little boy.  It has all kinds of space aliens on it.

This quilt was made and donated to us by a wonderful lady from our local quilt guild.  It is larger than many of our quilts which makes it great for a teenage boy.  She quilted a different motif in each strip.  It turned out stunning.  A big thank you to her!

Here's another one of our Halloween quilts.  Judith cut a kit from scraps once again.  She gave it to Teresa who sewed it.  Kathy quilted it for us.  The spiders on it are spooky!

This last quilt for today is a sweet thing that Paula pieced for us.  It has circus animals in the diamonds.  Shannon added the backing and quilting.  It's a cute pattern that will work for either a boy or girl.

One of the things I love about our group is that we all get to do the parts we want.  Some cut kits, some sew, and some quilt.  There are those of us who like to do bindings and some who like to do it all.  The key is we get to do whatever we want!  It feels good when you finish your part and it moves on to the next person to add their part.

We've been very busy trying to get quilts ready.  I have so many more I want to share with you but I really have to get packed.  My procrastination is now catching up with me!  I hope you enjoyed looking.  Thanks for checking us out!