Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Same But Different

As you probably know PIECES gets a lot of small fabric scraps donated.  That is a very good thing.  We get to use them to make the awesome quilts we give to the pediatric unit at the hospital.  Some quilter gets the satisfaction of cleaning out their stash AND helping us be able to continue our project.  I hate to throw anything away so sometimes I have to get creative with all those little pieces.  (And sometimes I pass them on to another person to get creative.)

Today was one of those days I was just in the mood to play.  I started in sewing and came up with lots of pieces that will end up in some quilts.  It always feels good to use a little stack of scraps and know you made the most of what was donated.

Today I have four rail fence quilts to show you.  Each is very different.  This first one, in blues and yellows, is very soft and peaceful--a quilt that a girl of any age will surely love.

The second one is bright green, black, and white.  It will be a favorite for a boy.  It has a very graphic look.

The third quilt has little butterflies on the front and big butterflies on the back.  The pink, blue and purple give it a soft look for a little girl.

The fourth and last rail fence quilt is totally scrappy.  Soft pastels live happily together in this one.  Four quilts with totally different looks.  My favorite?  I like them all....for different reasons!!

And just so you won't think all we did lately was rail fence quilts, here is a gorgeous scrappy nine patch--another scrap-friendly quilt.

And of course I wanted to show you Simon at daycare.  He loves daycare and my understanding is they love him!
Thanks for looking!