Thursday, August 23, 2012

Creighton Gets a Quilt

When I started my day yesterday, I had no real plans for the day other than to play in my sewing room.  I am still working on reorganizing.  I think that is a never ending project.  I knew I needed to sort some scraps that I had been given and I wanted to do some sewing on a children's quilt.  I stopped on my way to the sewing room to quickly check my email.  To my surprise I had an email from Melissa.  Here's what she had to say....

Dear Marla,
I am overwhelmed by you and your quilting groups kindness to do such a great think for our sick kiddos!  Creighton absolutely loves his soccer quilt that you all have made for him!  It has been on him for the past two days since he received it.  It is so adorable and amazing!  My mom quilts and I know how much time goes into each project.  You have made a sick 7 year old very happy and I am very appreciative of your hard work and kindness.
Thank you so much,
-Melissa Mom of Creighton :)

As you can imagine, I was thrilled to get her email.  Positive reinforcement for what we are doing!  Hopefully this evening finds Creighton at home and feeling better.  He's had a long stay at the hospital and I think his new quilt has helped to at least make his stay a little better.
I went to my sewing room with a little more energy in my step and a renewed sense of purpose.  I couldn't wait to get another quilt finished.

Here's a few of our latest quilts for you to look at.

Shannon pieced and quilted this  fun quilt.  With lots of animals and birds someone will have a great time looking for all the different items.

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Shelly is our flannel fabric expert.  She likes working with flannel and pieces most of our quilts that have flannel in them.  This soft quilt was quilted by Shannon.  The backing Shelly chose is timeless.  I love all the baby footprints.

Paula pieced this top.  She did a great job of color placement to make the double diamond design pop. Sandy quilted it for us.  I think it is stunning.

Many hands were involved in this quilt.  I gave fabric to Judith.  Judith cut a kit.  Teresa sewed the top and Sandy quilted it.  She quilted lassos to go with the cowboys and cowgirls!  I added the binding and label.  

Some kind person from the local quilt guild donated this quilt to us.  She made wonky blocks and added some appliqued hearts.  She quilted it and finished the binding.  All I had to do was add a label and wash it.

It's safari time!  This quilt was also donated to us by a member of the local quilt guild.  It is so generous and once again, all I had to do was add a label and wash!

I'll save a few quilts to show you next time.  In the meantime, here's Simon with two teeth now!

I'll leave you with this thought...You never know when something small that you do for someone else makes a big impact.  Hopefully all of you will have that chance.