Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fall Is Here

Fall has arrived in Kansas!!!  It was in the 20's this morning.  Snuggling with a quilt is not just a nice thought but a necessity now.  That being said, let's look at some of our latest.

This quilt was made with a few star blocks and some leftovers from other quilts.  A good use of odds and ends made a nice quilt for a girl.

This is a gorgeous fabric for the backing and beautiful quilting.

This quilt is originally a panel that just didn't quite work.  I gave it to Deb, she cut it up and came up with a quilt that works!

The backing carries out the school theme.  I like the quilting on this one too.  It is simple but very striking.

This is a new idea that Deb put together.  She has a baby looney tunes character in the middle of each block.

Around the center character she has pieced the block much like a crazy quilt block would be done.

A dog-themed backing is one any child will like.

Judith put together winter-themed blocks and sashed them.  Perfect for when the snow and wind are blowing!

The blue with gold stars for the backing really makes it sparkle.

This quilt came to us through the local quilt guild.  I don't know who made it, but it is made with soft flannels and chenille thrown in.  It is a quilt you just want to crawl under because it is so soft.

The backing is a darling pink flannel.  A big thank you to whoever made it and donated it to us.  We love this one!

Greg and I spent a couple days in New Jersey last week.  We had a wonderful time and were able to see some good friends.  As nice as that is, it is always comforting to get back home.  My goofy cat and quilt room are always calling my name.  I hope your day contains a piece of joy--whatever that may be for you.