Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Just a Bump in the Road

Just when things are going well and you get in a comfort zone, life comes along and gives you a jolt.  That is exactly what happened to Greg and I on Friday evening.  We were settling in to watch football on tv.  It was raining and the kind of night you grab a quilt to throw over your feet.  All of a sudden we heard the loudest sound you can imagine.  We had been hit by lightening.  Technically our beautiful, huge tulip tree had been hit.  Several large limbs had fallen on our neighbor's fence and on our lawn.  We were very fortunate they didn't land on our roof.  Our neighbor said he saw a large orange ball of flames when it hit, but luckily we didn't have a fire.  At this point we are still finding out things that have been "fried" by the lightening.  On top of  two tv's, our desktop computer and a garage door, we found out our furnace and air conditioning were bad also.  So....bottom line is I have been busy calling adjusters and repairmen.  I apologize for not getting something more interesting posted but hope to be able to get back closer to normal in a couple of days. This has been testing our patience but after all....it is just a bump in the road!