Tuesday, October 26, 2010

More Quilts, Quilters, Friends

I have bindings to make today!  I received four quilts from my friends who are helping quilt the hospital quilts. They are so gorgeous I hate to give them away.  The quality of quilting on them is outstanding.  We all tend to think our own work may not be as good as the work of others, but I am here to tell you these quilts are wonderful.  I dream of being able to quilt that well some day.  Also, one of the quilters is becoming a wonderful recruiter for us.  She had three ladies volunteer to each take a quilt top and quilt it for us.  Hopefully they will feel the joy that we feel and jump in with both feet.  I was asked how long it took us to get to the 50 quilts donated mark.  Our first donation was eleven quilts on May 28th.  We hit fifty in October.  Now with the help of these generous quilters, our next fifty is going to be much faster.  I am so excited at the thought of that.  I never dreamed I could do so much with this when I started.  And I couldn't.  Fortunately I have had friends jump in to help.  And then friends of friends have jumped in.  We've made great quilts and I've made new friends.  That is the best of both worlds!

We keep trying to make different quilts.  We love doing a variety of patterns with many different fabrics.  That keeps our interest and creativity flowing.  All those bits of fabric large and small can be a challenge to incorporate in a quilt.  The great thing is we are making it happen due to the inspiration the ladies who do the piecing find--wherever they find it!  We have had some exciting tops finished lately and wait till you see them quilted.  You will have a hard time deciding on a favorite just like we have.

And then there are the backings. With so many fabric choices out there it is fun to choose what to put on the back.  We want to the front of the quilt to be fun or pretty but the back can be just as interesting.  The choices are endless.

There is such a camaraderie between quilters.  You don't even have to know each other but when you say I am a quilter you become instant friends.  It is almost like you both speak a foreign language--I guess you do...quilt-speak!

This is such a sweet little quilt for a girly-girl.  With the soft blues and mauves it is sure to win some little girls heart!

That's all of the quilts for today.  I have to save some so you'll check back with us to see what else we have in store!