Sunday, April 20, 2014


Spring is finally here!  Warmer weather, sunshine and blooming flowers make us all happier.  

I saw a woman I know at a social event last week.  She told me that her fourteen month old son had been in the hospital for eight days.  She said the nurse brought in a wonderful quilt to give them.  They were so excited.  When she saw the letter the parents receive she was so surprised to see my name.  She told me that the quilts mean so much to the parents and children.  What we are doing is an amazing thing!

Speaking of amazing, wait until you see the quilts I have for you today!

Aren't these quilts great?  I am so proud of everyone who helps make these quilts come to life.  I think when we tell people that we makes quilts for the kids they have no idea how beautiful these quilts are.  Our label on each quilt says "We put a piece of ourselves in every quilt."  I think it shows.

Thanks for looking and sharing the journey with us.