Saturday, January 8, 2011

We're Famous!!!

Have you seen us in the newspaper?  Last week the Lawrence Journal World published an article about Pieces.  Jennifer Hornbaker who is a freelance writer did a feature article on us!  If you don't live in the area or have not seen the paper, check us out at  Jennifer did a wonderful job on the article and we've had a very positive response.  We have had at least 5 people volunteer their time to help us .We are so excited to have their help.  Not only can we make more quilts, but with that brings new friends who share our passion.  I am in the middle of tweaking my notes on 2010 and I will be giving you a summary of our efforts for last year.  I do know we had a wonderful year and 2011 is going to be even better.

I wish everyone could see the quilts we have done up close and in person.  I wish you could touch them and feel what we have put into them.  Not the fabric, not the thread, but the piece of our heart that we leave in each and every quilt.  It is such a small thing we do but I do hope that a child that is sick and scared finds some warmth, some comfort and some love in the quilt that covers them.