Friday, July 1, 2011

Cauliflower and Assorted Items

Remember how you used to hate cauliflower and then all of a sudden you loved it dipped in blue cheese dressing?  No?  But you have had an experience of liking something you used to hate, right?  Well, I love  raw cauliflower in the blue cheese dressing. But what about yo-yos? No, not the toy with the string.  You know, the little circles that you gather up and it makes the cutest little decoration to sew to something.  Nope.  Don't like them.  Can't stand them.  You guessed it.  Something happened and all of a sudden I decided to make some.  One became two and then a whole bunch more.  More colors, more sizes.  Suddenly I was hooked on them.  I am not sure exactly what I am going to do with them, but keep your eye out for them.  They'll show up sometime, maybe when you least expect it.  Maybe we should just move on to some quilts.

We've used this setting alot.  It is very basic and versatile.  You can use up a lot of scraps that way and still have a fun quilt.

This bright striped backing has a summery "Caribbean " feel to it.  Add the awesome quilting and this quilt is a winner for sure.

Shelly--our flannel expert--took very limited scraps that she had and came up with this beauty.  Bright and graphic fun for a little girl.

The light purple flannel dot finishes this off nicely.

Here is an example of Shelly using some of the same flannel but coming up with a totally different look.

The same backing was used for this quilt.  The lesson is "Don't mess with a good thing!"

This is a panel that Judith took and added to it to make it a great size.

Here's a close up so you have an idea what the alphabet blocks look like.

We used this wild fabric that I had for a backing.  With all the color in this quilt, some little one will have a great time picking out objects that they recognize.

Feel free to leave me a message.  I love hearing your comments.  Your enthusiasm is what keeps us going!  Check back--we'll have more great ones to see!