Sunday, June 8, 2014

We Need More!

I received an email from Debbie at the hospital a few days ago saying they had been busy and only had four quilts left.  Could they please have some more?  Sure!!  I took a nice stack to them that afternoon so their supply has been refreshed and hopefully they will have what they need for a week or two!  

There was a small sack waiting for me when I delivered the quilts.  The sack contained some fabric, some batting and a note.  Carol had left those for us in the hopes that we could use them to continue providing quilts to the pediatric patients.  Her note said her grandson had been in the hospital and received one of our quilts.  The first thing he did when he arrived home was to proudly show his grandma his quilt.  She says he snuggles with the quilt and will always treasure it.  How sweet and thoughtful her note and supplies are!  Thanks Carol!

I have some gorgeous quilts to show you!

This simple sweet quilt is actually a little more pastel than in shows in the picture.  How can you not love something with yellow in it?

This bright quilt has a very graphic nature to it.  I really like the straight line quilting on it.

Yes!!!  Pink and yellow all over!!!!

Homespun plaids make a great quilt for a boy of any age.  Add a backing with a nature theme and you are ready for some awesome quilting!

One of our major obstacles is using the little scraps that are donated.    We like to look at it as a challenge and not an obstacle. One and a half inch squares were pieced together to make this pink fluff.  

And finally, this is another scrappy quilt.  The white sashing and border pulls it all together and gives it a modern look.  This is one time have small scraps is certainly an advantage.

Our first donation of quilts to Lawrence Memorial Pediatric Unit occurred on May 28th, 2010.  I guess this means we recently passed a milestone.  Four years ago I never would have imagined we would be still continuing to donate quilts.  Four years and over 700 quilts later, I can't imagine anything I would rather be doing.  

I'll be back soon with more quilts for you.  Thanks for stopping by!