Thursday, September 27, 2012

Could It Be Fall????

It seems fall may be here.  There is a hint of crispness to the air and I suddenly noticed a couple of days ago the trees are beginning to turn.  I look forward to the fall days when you get a bit of rain--or at least drizzle.  You can curl up with a cup of tea, a quilt and a book.

Last week was a great week for me.  I started it out with attending the local quilt guild meeting.  I went not as a member but rather was asked to come and say a few words about PIECES.  I did that with a bit of apprehension, but found I truly enjoyed myself.  I was able to meet some new people and see what creative things they were doing.  I've even considered joining the guild.  That is a big step for someone who loves to spend the day uninterrupted in my quilt room.  Maybe attending the meeting is part of expanding my world.  I ended the week with a trip to the Salt Lake City, Utah area for a couple of days.  I have never been to Utah so that makes another first for me.

Here's a few fun quilts for you.

This was a panel that I passed on to Deb.  She tends to get things that I am unsure of what to do with.  She always comes through with just the right thing.  Sandy added the fun backing and quilting.

This charming quilt was made by Lois.  It is exactly what we need for the little boys that are at LMH.  Shannon added the bright turquoise backing and quilting.

Kathy made and quilted this Seven Dwarf's quilt.  It's another great one for boys.

This is a classic quilt by Paula.  She uses white and pastels for that modern look. The turquoise and coral stripe fabric on the back really adds a nice touch.  Shannon did the beautiful quilting.

Flannel says Shelly made this!  Red, blue, and yellow bubbles and stars are just the ticket for any child.  It's bright and soft and will be loved for sure!  Shannon added the quilting.  Hopefully you can see it on the backing.  It is gorgeous.

This beauty is pieced by Sandy.  She also pieced the backing for a country feel and added the quilting.  It is a great use of scraps.

You've seen six very different quilts today.  Each one will be loved and cherished by a child.  Thanks for taking the time to check out our quilts.  As always, we put a piece of ourselves in every quilt.  See you soon!