Monday, January 31, 2011

75 is not the end!

The numbers are in!  2010 was an awesome year for Pieces.  We delivered 75 quilts to the Lawrence Memorial Hospital Pediatric Unit.  We took the first delivery on May 28th. and took quilts 12 more times before the end of the year.  Each and every child who had an overnight stay  in the Pediatric Unit was given a quilt. That is an amazing number!  No two quilts were alike.  It was a year in which we did things I didn't think were possible. We started with four of us making quilts and now have added several more people.  We have grown!  We of course have many more quilts "in the works" so 75 is not the end!  Thank you to all who have made it possible whether that was donating fabric, sewing, quilting or just caring enough to say we were doing a good thing. 

Do you remember the strips I cut from scraps?

I then sent them to my sister.  She sewed them into blocks and sent them back to me.  I took them and put them together to make a quilt top.  It has had borders added and was quilted by one of our quilting angels. So....ta da!!!  Here is the finished product.

Here's a close up view of some of the blocks.  Be sure to notice the quilting.  It certainly makes a great quilt look outstanding!

Call me silly, but I find a great deal of satisfaction in making something usable and pretty out of pieces of fabric that most people toss in the trash.  And the fact that my sister made the blocks makes it even better.

I may have mentioned earlier that a friend of my sister donated a huge piece of fabric.  While that is exciting, we were somewhat unsure what to do with it.  We agreed we needed to use it but the fabric was not one we would have chosen had we been buying fabric.  As they say, "beggars can't be choosers."  We have used the fabric in three quilts now and they have become popular!  All three quilts are a little different, but here is one we came up with.


That's right.  Camouflage fabric!  It wasn't our first choice but these quilts have turned out so cute!  In fact the same quilter has quilted all three quilts so we call her our "camo quilter".  Everyone has to have their own specialty, right?

Hopefully you enjoyed today's quilts.  The year is still new and there are lots more quilts to be made.  Check back to see more of the ideas we put into quilts for the kids.