Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Our Small Venture

As many of you know, for the last couple of years, I have had the opportunity to travel to speak at meetings regarding my MS and the new medication I take.  As part of my presentation, I talk briefly about why I started making quilts for Lawrence Memorial Pediatric Unit.  Everyone is always amazed that what started as a very small venture has blossomed and become a major endeavor.  We are very close to having delivered 600 quilts.  It is indeed amazing.  

I received a darling little thank you recently from Brennen.  He wrote it himself and said he loves his quilt.  The best part is he is feeling better.

Here's a few of our latest quilts.

This beauty was a joint effort.  I often times make pinwheel blocks out of scraps.  Judith took them and added some 16-patch blocks that several people pieced for us.  She sewed them up and this was the result.  The batik backing was just waiting for this quilt top to come along.  Sandy did a great job quilting it.

This is another example of the same idea.  You can use a lot of small scraps in this quilt.  The soft blues and purples give you a sense of water.  Judith even pieced the backing with a couple of leftover blocks.

This was a kit I cut and gave to Susan to piece.  I loved this piece of fabric with the owls and wanted a pattern that would show them off.

What a great quilt for a little boy!  Lois pieced this cute quilt.  Shelly provided the backing and Shannon finished it with great quilting.

This last quilt was pieced by Paula.  The fabric is cute and the fabrics are bright.  If I remember correctly, Kelly quilted it for us.  A big thank you to Kelly.

As usual, I think this was a nice selection of some great quilts.  Hopefully you enjoyed looking.