Tuesday, February 10, 2015


There are lots of groups out there that donate quilts or other items to those in need.  Lots of people call the quilts they give "charity" quilts.  While what they are doing is a good thing, I have never cared for that term.  In fact, I would have to admit I really don't like it when talking about Pieces.  I don't think of what we are doing as charity.

Our quilts are made with fabric and thread with a lot of care and love thrown in.

These quilts are waiting to go to the hospital.  They will be given to just the right boy or girl to take home and love.

You could call these love quilts.  Or you could call them comfort quilts.

Recently I ran across a quote that stuck in my mind.
"Kindness" has many synonyms: words like love, service, or charity.  But I like the word "kindness" because it implies action.  It seems like something you and I can do.  Acts of kindness reach both the giver and the receiver, enlarging the souls of both.

I couldn't have said it better.  It says exactly what I feel.  I guess you can call the quilts what you feel comfortable with.  To me they are kindness quilts.  They are something we choose to do. And just for the record? We have chosen to donate 800 quilts.  Isn't that awesome??

What is it you choose to do?