Sunday, March 31, 2013

March Quilts

March is almost over.  We've had warm weather, two snow storms, warm weather again and I had a week with Simon.  We've also made it almost through March Madness---my favorite season.  Watching  basketball is one of my favorite things to do and it provides lots of time to sew bindings or to pin fabric to run through the sewing machine at half time.  The more exciting the game, the faster I tend to sew or pin.  I feel like I made great progress the last few weeks.  So.....
let's look at some quilts!!

This is a quilt that Amy pieced.  It is wonderful soft flannel and so sweet.

This quilt has the cutest cats on it---they are doing yoga!  Deb pieced this one and Jean quilted it.  I'm not mentioning who took the fuzzy pictures!

Paula pieced a fun quilt in purple and light green.  I can see a little girl loving this quilt.

This is a Paula creation.  Shades of  peach flannel with blocks containing the alphabet!

Amy pieced this gorgeous quilt.  Shannon quilted it.  The colors are great and this quilt will be a favorite for sure.

I pieced this quilt with 4 1/2 inch squares of pastel fabrics.   It  was a quick one to make and looks so sweet.  Once again, I do not want to take credit for the poor photographs!

This is an Amy quilt.  I absolutely love the colors.  They are modern and so girly!!  I even love the fabric I used to sash the label.

This quilt was a kit that I cut--simple snowball blocks.  Teresa pieced it.  Sandy took some fabric that I had and pieced the backing and then quilted it.  It turned out great.

Eight awesome quilts.  Everyone involved always puts their best work into the quilts we give and it shows.  I hope you enjoyed seeing them.

One last picture for you---

Simon loves to read.  Mimi and Papa spent LOTS of time with him reading books the week we were there.  Papa reads and Simon pushes the button to make the rooster crow.  It seems to be a good system!