Sunday, April 14, 2013

More Volunteers!

This past weekend the local quilt guild held their annual quilt show.  PIECES had a booth with some of our quilts and information about our group.  As a result, we've gotten some fabric, batting, and monetary donations.  Best of all we have a few people who have indicated they would like to help.  It is always great to have people volunteer to help.  Several of our group members jumped in to man the booth and answer questions.  I think everyone enjoyed their time and got to see some awesome quilts as a bonus.  I received this awesome thank you from Kathy who was in charge of the booths.

This is a handmade card and oh so cute!

I was able to get some labels sown on some of our new quilts this week.  Let's look!

This was a kit I cut and Teresa pieced it.  We added flannel to for the backing and Sandy did the awesome quilting.

The disappearing 9 patch pattern is always such a surprise.  You never know how the fabrics are going to work together and what the end result will be.  This is bright and some little girl will love the bows on the back.

Shades of pink!!  Pink flannel squares and cats with pink bows.  Girly, girly, girly!!

Paula used charm squares to make half-square triangles and then sewed them together to make this "Charming" quilt!  We added the turquoise backing and Sandy quilted it beautifully.  Hopefully you can see the quilting on the back.

I'd love to see the face of the little boy who receives this quilt!  Space ships and planets to light up his day!

Simon hasn't been feeling good the last few days.  Mommy is reading to him for some quiet time.