Sunday, October 20, 2013

Zachary and His Quilt

I received an awesome email a couple of days ago with a picture attached.


There are not enough words to thank you and the women you work with for the beautiful space quilt that my son, Zachary, received this past week at Lawrence Memorial Hospital.  It meant so much to our family to receive this special gift when we arrived.  You are doing such an amazing thing for children and their families.  A card is in the mail to you tonight, but I wanted to email quickly and say thank you and also include this picture of Zachary with his quilt.  Thank you again so much for the time, energy, effort and finances you put toward this worthy cause!

Thank you again so much,


When I received the email I was so pleased that they were happy to get the quilt.  This quilt was cut by me, passed on to Teresa to sew and then given to Shannon to quilt.  Little Zachary looks like he certainly doesn't feel well.  I am so happy that we were able to give him this quilt.  I hope it made him and mom and dad feel a little better.  And as promised, I did receive a beautiful thank you in the mail.

Here's a few more of our quilts for you to look at.

Lois pieced these delightful little boats.  Sandy quilted it for us.  This quilt is perfect for a little boy.

Red and orange?  Yes!!  This was pieced by Paula and quilted by Sandy.

Kelly quilted this Peanuts and Soccer themed quilt.

This is a favorite of mine. I think that is because of the pastel fabrics.  Kathy pieced and quilted it.  

Paula pieced this little boy's quilt.  Shannon added the cute backing and quilting.

Thanks for stopping by today.  I'll be back with more quilts next week!