Thursday, April 28, 2011

It's a Small World

As most of you will remember, Denise, who was in charge at the hospital on the pediatric and birthing wings left us for a wonderful opportunity.  She was absolutely fabulous to work with.  Lawrence Memorial Hospital has now hired a replacement.  I got to meet her recently and her name is Tracy (I apologize if I have not spelled her name correctly). When we were introduced, I wasn't given her last name.  To make a long story shorter, she is married to a guy that grew up in my hometown.  Now that doesn't seem like that big of a deal until you know that I was raised in far Southwestern Kansas--about as far from Lawrence as you can get and still be in Kansas.  Add in that my hometown might have had 200 people in it and it gets a little more interesting.  Tracy's husband Lyndsay (not sure on that spelling either) is an MRI Technician.  He actually has performed an MRI on me for my multiple sclerosis. I know all--and I do mean all--of his family.  Needless to say, Tracy is an awesome person and we are going to love working with her.  She even quilts with her mother and sister although she admits they only let her do the pressing.  We are very glad Tracy is part of Lawrence Memorial Hospital and we are hoping she will be around for a long time.

Time for quilts and more quilts.

This is a fun flannel quilt that Shelly put together.  Shelly has ended up being in charge of our flannel by default.

Please be sure and notice the gorgeous quilting our quilter did.

This quilt is a pattern we hadn't used before and it is always nice to have a new look.

I love the color combinations in this quilt.  Aren't the duckies darling?

This is a great quilt for any horse lover.  Definitely a Southwestern flair.

For the little boy that likes bugs, this spider quilt is exactly the right thing.
The brights colors make it fun.

And of course, the striped backing is perfect.

This cowboy quilt is made of easy squares that go together quite nicely.

Although the quilt top is great, the quilting really adds to it.  Our quilter quilted cowboy themed words into the quilt.  You can see the word boots in the picture above.  A child and his parent will love looking for the different words in this quilt.

The striped backing is a good compliment to the cowboy fabric.

It is always a difficult choosing which quilts to feature in the blog.  I hope you enjoyed the ones I picked for today.  If not, check back.  I promise there will be different ones!