Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Two Years

Yesterday was an important day for PIECES.  On May 28th of 2010 Greg and I delivered our first stack of quilts to Lawrence Memorial Hospital.  We actually were able to give the first quilt to a little girl named Chloe.  It all started with the idea of making a few quilts.  Here we are two years later, hundreds of quilts and a whole lot of children who found some "unexpected joy from a difficult situation".  My unending gratitude goes out to all of you that have chosen to be a part of this journey.  Whether you donated a spool of thread, some leftover fabric, or purchased new supplies, you have been a big part of making this happen.  You may have volunteered to piece some tops or quilt a top and ended up quilting dozens.  I cannot say thank you enough.  I could never have done this without you.  Regardless of what or how much you have done, you have made a difference not only  to a child and their family, you have made a difference to me.  

The quilt above was made by Paula who is new to our group.  Paula is from the Kansas City area and has donated a great deal of her stash and several quilt tops.  Welcome to the madness, Paula!  We are delighted to have you.  Sandy took Paula's top (that included the backing as well) and gave it some quilted loops.  It is bright and will be a great quilt for a boy or girl.

This quilt I must say was not a favorite of mine.  We had some John Deere fabric and needed to use it.  I put a kit together, Teresa sewed it and then it went to Sandy.  She did some very creative quilting that really suited the piece.  It ended up going to a little boy who fell in love with it.  The lesson is I need to learn not to judge fabric.  I may not like it, but it can end up a great quilt for someone waiting for a quilt to fall in love with.

Speaking of falling in love......