Monday, July 1, 2013

Who Took June????

Can someone tell me where the month of June went???  When spring weather hits, the first thing I do is plant something fun in a planter on my front porch.  It kind of kicks off the season.

Soon after I finished this, June began and we had planned a trip to see Simon (and his mom and dad).  We spent a wonderful ten days being Mimi and Papa doing all sorts of fun things.

All of a sudden it is now hot summer weather and June is gone!  So, rather than waste any more time, let's catch up on quilts!

How fun is this?  Sandy pieced some scraps, pieced a back, and put it all together.  

This pattern is called Little Charmers.  Several of us worked on this one.  The batik backing is interesting!

Cats and mice!  How nice!!

I love the graphic simplicity of this!

I found these wonderful fabrics--stars, dots, swirls and decided they would make a great rail fence.  But I needed something great for the border.  You know, something that would make it pop.  I looked through my stack of fabric scraps that have been donated and saw this border fabric. I got very excited.  It was a great graphic print!  It was only after the quilt was totally finished that I realized the border fabric is really slices of green pepper.  Well, sometimes you just have to use what you have!

I took a mix of squares, nine patches, and chenille fabric and put it all together.  I think it turned out to be a sweet little quilt for a little one.

I'll leave you with a picture of what I spent a lot of my time doing while we were gone in June.

I can't wait to go back!!!