Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I made it!  After weeks of looking forward to my time with Simon (and Joel and Cara), I am finally here in DC.  Simon is so sweet.  He is such a good baby.

My duties  while I am here is to do daycare while the kids are at work.  Daycare in DC is a real issue.  So while that issue is being worked out, family is filling in as daycare.  Lucky me!!

Life in DC is quite different.  That is certainly not to say it is bad at all.  I am amazed at it and how these two Midwestern kids grew up and are totally immersed in the city.  They live in a historic area of DC called Foggy Bottom.  Their home is the second and third level of a three level townhouse.  There is a Starbucks less than two blocks away in every direction and George Washington University is only a block away.  The White House??  Eight blocks away.  Presidental Motorcades go by the townhouse frequently.  Marine One, the helicopter the President travels in, goes overhead.  It is a facinating city to say the least.  The best thing in the city without a doubt though is Simon!

Even though I am in DC, the need for quilts still exists.  Thanks to some help from some great people, we were able to get a stack to the hospital and a stack waiting to be delivered.  Greg has stepped up and volunteered to make the delivery.  As I have said before, it takes a village for sure!

I've got some great quilts for you.

This quilt was pieced and donated to us.  The bright squares really work well.

Shannon added an awesome backing and her magic quilting.

This awesome quilt was made and donated by someone in our local quilt guild.  Of course, the yellow makes it!

Not only did someone piece this but she also hand quilted it!  I consider that a labor of love.  Isn't the backing fabric fabulous?

This quilt is a perfect example of how our process works.  I cut a kit and passed it on to Teresa.  She pieced it, returned it, and I passed it on to Shannon.

Shannon added the backing and the quilting.  She passed it back to me and I added the binding.  I love the fact that we all do different things and do what we like to do.

Everyone told me being a grandma was going to be awesome.  They were right.  Awesome doesn't even begin to describe it.  Simon is truly a delight.  The only thing better is if there were two of him!