Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's a Great Day

Today is a great day.  Actually yesterday was too.  It started out with our getting thank you notes from two of the kids we have given quilts.  The first note was actually from Eli's mom thanking us.  Eli got a quilt with his favorite colors--blue, yellow, and green.  He likes it so much he sleeps with it every night!  The second note was from Justin who is 3 years old.  He said he was scared but he just pretended the hospital was his "hotel".  He calls his quilt his "sick blankie" and he said it made him feel better.  He also sent a picture he had colored and a photograph of him with his quilt.  Talk about positive reinforcement!  After opening those, I went back to my sewing room and just sewed faster! 

Another reason today is a great day is the number of quilts we have now donated to Lawrence Memorial Hospital is 40.  We have lots more in progress and many more that will be needed but I think 40 is outstanding. That is a lot of quilts and I could not do this without the wonderful group of women who are involved.  There are lots of ways to be involved--some small, some large, but they all make such a difference.

Yes, of course.  This is one of my favorite quilts.  Surprise!  I love the turquoise and peach color scheme of this.  I didn't actually plan it that way.  I had the print fabric and had to come up with something to do with it.  This is what I ended up with and I couldn't like it anymore if I had planned it. Susan sewed this one and I think she was as excited about it as I was. I had to take it to the hospital quickly before I was tempted to keep it.

The back of this is very plain but the peach is such a great color.

This quilt is made with scraps a friend gave me.  Blue and yellow are always a cheery combination.

The backing is a gorgeous piece of fabric.  You can never go wrong with blue and yellow!

I hope you enjoyed seeing a couple of our latest quilts. While we may have used a fabric in more than one quilt or made several with the same design, none of our quilts are duplicates.  Each one is unique.  The only thing that is constant about each quilt is the piece of us we put in each one.

I hope you put a piece of yourself  in everyday.