Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Marla has asked me to "guest blog."  She is actually the Queen of Blog, but I think she wants more time to quilt, so here we go.  I am the rookie of the Pieces group.  Although I have been a lifetime seamstress, my efforts have been focused on sewing apparel for our three children (now wonderful adults) and home decor and gifts.  What I have in common with Marla is the love of fabric.  The sight, the feel, and yes, even the smell of fabric is amazing.  Through the years, when I'm having one of THOSE days at work, I will slip off to a fabric store over lunch just to browse and run fabulous fabrics through my fingers.  It is my addiction.  What is new to me is this world of quilting or more accurately, this world of quilters.  They are amazing.  When we first started spreading the word of our project, hoping to recruit help and donations'  I was hopeful to accumulate a few odds and ends of fabric.  I recall commenting to Marla, "Where will we store the fabric if we do get a large amount?"  Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine or understand the generosity and kindness of quilters.  It is amazing  The donation of fabric that has been made and help that has been offered leaves me speechless.  The fun and joy we have in creating and delivering the quilts--well, the whole is just AMAZING!!  Hope you are having an amazing day.