Thursday, August 19, 2010

Time for Quilts

This is Chloe, a darling little 2 year old.  She received our first quilt and I was very lucky to be able to give it to her.  She is really a lot more interested in her toys than in me.  We unexpectedly got a phone call from the family letting us know how much the quilt meant to them.  You can't imagine how wonderful it felt to be able to give it to her.  Words won't describe how I felt leaving the hospital that day!

Now--on to more quilts!

Some of our quilts are quite bright.  The kids love them.  Their hospital rooms are white--calm and soothing.  These quilts bring a shot of color and cheer to the room.

We try to make quilts that will appeal to different ages.  Some are definitely more for boys or more for girls.  Hopefully each child, regardless of age, will find one they like.  We have already given quilts to those as young as ten days and to those as old as 16.  The unit cares for kids up to age 18.  Denise reports that the nurses have so much fun going in and giving away the quilts. One little boy was seen clutching the quilt every time the nurse went in the room.  I would say he liked it!  As hot as our summer has been you would wonder how nice a quilt sounds.  The rooms are kept very cool so having something to cuddle helps keep them a little warmer.  Plus doesn't everyone need some comfort when they don't feel well? I know I grab a quilt every chance I get.

Check back.  I will be posting more of the fun quilts we have already finished. There are lots more to come!