Thursday, December 30, 2010

Our Loss, Their Gain

When I started this little quilt project, I met Denise Martinek the first day we delivered quilts to the hospital.  (She's the cute one in our pictures).  I had not met or spoken to her before that day.  I have worked with lots of people in the medical field but I wasn't sure what to expect.  She came out of her office with a big smile and a warm personality.  She took one look at the quilts we had and instantly and enthusiastically jumped on board with us.  She could not have been nicer or more welcoming.  Over the course of the last six months Denise and I have gotten to know each other, sharing stories of our children and our lives.  Are you wondering where I am going with this yet?  Well, unfortunately for us, Denise's last day at Lawrence Memorial Hospital was December 24th.  She has taken a new position at Shawnee Mission Medical Center.  It is a huge step up for her and will give her a chance to broaden her scope.  She is very passionate about certain mother/child aspects and she will be able to jump head first into those.  I am so thrilled for her.  That being said, I will miss her greatly as I am sure her patients and coworkers will also.  She was our link to the children and a spark in all our lives.  This is beginning to sound as if something terrible has happened to her!  All this being said, I think the world of Denise and I know she will be the spark in a lot of new people's lives.

We have other big news going on also but that news and some pictures of the latest quilts are just going to have to wait for another day.  Colder weather and possibly wind and snow are headed our way tomorrow.  I think I should get my sewing area in order so that I can just "hunker down" and sew!!