Saturday, October 9, 2010

Parts are Parts

I didn't get much sewing done yesterday, but I felt like I accomplished alot.  I met my sister to exchange quilt stuff.  She had a stack of tops sewn and I gave her lots of parts to put together!  Remember the old Wendy's commercial about chicken?  "Parts are parts?"  I think I stopped liking chicken a little about then.  Anyway, I gave her parts to put together for quilt tops.  I am really excited about the ones she brought me and can"t wait for them to be quilted to show to you.
We have added another quilter to our group.  Sandy just got a new HQ quilting machine and is willing to quilt a few tops for us. A big thank you to Sandy.  Also yesterday when Susan and I were in a quilt shop we had a few ladies offer to piece a quilt top or two.  Any help we get is so appreciated.  The more help we have, the more kids we can help.
While we were in the quilt shop we were talking with the staff and a few customers about scraps.  That is always a favorite topic for quilters!  When I told them I saved one inch scraps I think they were slightly appalled.  One lady commented that one inch was just too small to mess with.  I thought I would show you what can be done.  First of all, you start with this...

You do a little pressing, a little cutting....

And you end up with this.

All you have to do after you get them cut is put them in a sack and give them to your sister.  She'll sew them into log cabin blocks!  One inch strips are too small to mess with?  These blocks start with a 1 inch by 1 inch square.  It is hard to get much smaller.  Don't have a sister?  Your sister won't sew those little strips?  You can give them to my sister.  She's known for doing some crazy things!  Making these blocks isn't one of them however.  These are going to show up in an awesome quilt that we'll show you on this blog.  Keep watching for that.