Saturday, March 26, 2011

Comfort Food and Quilting

It is cold and spitting snow today.  I decided it was time for comfort food.  Meatloaf and potatoes are in the oven!  That means I can concentrate on sewing and quilts! But first, I thought I would share a little more of San Fransisco.

This is a snapshot of Greg and me with Fisherman's Wharf in the background.  If you look really close in the upper left hand corner is a bit of Alcatraz.  We had just finished up our session for the day and we had thrown on our basketball watching gear and headed out for the KU Alumni Bar.  It was cold and rainy and I was exhuasted.  A few pre-game jitters were hanging around too!

This is the street in front of our hotel.  We were right in the heart of the shopping district.  Yes, that is Saks Fifth Avenue on the corner.  No, I didn't go in.  No, I didn't go in any shops.  No, I didn't go to the 5 story fabric store that was 2 blocks away.  My schedule did not fit a shopping schedule!  However, I did get to meet 10 other people who share my disease and a passion for living our best life.  I made friends and that is certainly an awesome highlight of the trip.  As one of the people said, "Kindred souls find each other".  She is so right on that!

It's quilt time!!

A fun pink and green rail fence with sashing.  It says spring is coming!

It's Mickey--Mickey Mouse!!  And from the looks of the backing, Mickey must be singing his favorite song!

This was a panel that we cut up and the piecer added sashing and borders.  The quilter carried on the ocean theme with the backing.

Three very different quilts for three awesome children.  Next time I'll be updating you on our numbers at this point.  Be ready to be amazed!